smallest PC w/2 HDD LG-P645B, Core 2 duo opts 4LAN/DVR/4COM/[LG-P645B]

smallest PC w/2 HDD LG-P645B, Core 2 duo opts 4LAN/DVR/4COM/[LG-P645B]


*Add: Built-in Parallel P:

Mounting kit:

For mounting on wall, under desk, desktop (+$39.00)

*Built-in DVI port:

Built-in Dual display DVI + VGA ports (+$75.00)

*Add: Built-in extra 5 US:

Total 8 USB port, 6 at front, 2 at rear. (+$99.00)

(Bluetooth option):

Built-in bluetooth (cannot combine with built-in Wireless 802.11 (+$79.00)

*Add: Built-in 4 com:

Built-in 4 x RS232 COM Ports (+$160.00)

*Add: Built-in 2nd LAN:

Built-in 2nd extra Gigabit LAN Ports (+$129.00)

**Special Upgrades:



3. Hard Drive 2:

Hard drive or SOLID STATE DRIVE:

Multimedia storage (Must select "none" if 2nd HDD is selected:

Operating software:

install 2nd Hard Drive or SDD:

Office Software:

(Wireless option):

Built-in wireless 802.11 B/G/N (+$139.00)

2nd serial port option:

Built-in 2nd serial port (+$35.00)

VGA(Graphic) On-board:


Mobile LCD monitor:

Solid State Drive SLC:

Monitor -Industrial panel mount:




Quantity :


(2 HDD ) CORE 2 DUO 2.8GHZ

(ROHS compliant)

  • Fully Functional System
  • Supported
  • Ultra Low Noise, Low
  • Power Consumption

5.82"(W) x 10.0"(D) x 2.79"(H)


  • Support Intel Core 2 Duo, up to 2.8GHZ, 1066FSB, 4GB cache, T9400/T9600/T7500, P8600/8400 and Celeron M 575/585 CPU
  • Support 2 HDD
  • ROHS compliance
  • Intel GM45 / ICH9M
  • Support up to 8GB , 2 HDD
  • Thermal Control Technology
  • Optional Dual Display Support (Simultaneous Dual output or Extended Desktop
  • Optional built-in 2 COM and 4 COM
  • On-board 10/100/1000 LAN, 1394, USB 2.0
  • Ultra low noise and low power consumption
  • Support Full 1080p playback
  • Power in: DC 12V , AC power Adapter 60 watt included
  • 5.7"(W) x 9.8"(D) x 1.65"(H) (14.6 x 25 x 4.2 cm)
  • Rugged Extruded Aluminium Chassis - takes Vibration, Shock & Heat

Upgrade Optional types as below:

  • Built-in wireless 802.11B LAN optional
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in 2nd LAN
  • Built-in 2 COM, or 4COM
  • Multi-display, DVI, VGA for dual disply ?
  • Dual Display Support (Simultaneous Dual output or Extended Desktop)
  • Built-in 2 LAN or 3 GIGA LAN or 4 LAN
  • Built-in 4 Channel DVR, 4 x RCA Video-in ports ( 1 BT878A)
  • Built-in express card slot + mini PCIe slot
  • Built-in VGA+TV out or VGA+DVI or DVI+TV out dual display

basic config. rear panel

4 LAN + DVI/VGA dual display

4 COM + Parallel port

Car PC version with DC10~26V input

4 COM + DVI+VGA ports

with 8 USB ports, front 6, 2 at rear

mounting kit for wall and under desk (slide in)


  • Car, Truck and Mobile PC
  • NetPC, Set Top Box, Messaging Solution Controller
  • Thin Client Applications, Diskless workstation
  • Industrial System Controller, Control Center, Data Center
  • Best fit Kiosk, Self-Service Systems, POS Systems, VoD, VoP ...etc.
  • Application Server, File Server, Game Server, Printer Server ...etc.

Wireless Network (Optional)

  • Wicked-fast 54Mbps transfer rate up to 400 meters
  • Wireless 802.11b/g standard
  • Industry-standard security built-in
  • 64/128/256 bits WEP, WPA Encryption
  • Share your internet with friends and family
  • Free Access Point Software Utility bundled