FANLESS 10 Core 10th Gen Wide Temp w/ GTX1650 PC[LG-P2040F-GTX1650]

FANLESS 10 Core 10th Gen Wide Temp w/ GTX1650 PC[LG-P2040F-GTX1650]

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    Powered by 10-core 10th generation Intel Xeon/Core i9/i7/i5/i3 processor (Comet Lake), LOGISYS 2000 series  integrated with independent NVIDIA Tesla/Quadro/GeForce graphics card and supported advanced NVIDIA CUDA cores, delivering leading AI computing productivity. It features up to 6 GigE LAN with 4 PoE+, multiple USB 3.2 connections providing up to 10Gbps data transfer rate, and max 7 independent display up to 8K resolution. With smart manageability and industrial-grade reliability, LOGISYS LG-P2000 series AI Computing System is ideal for Robotic Control, Traffic Vision, Public Surveillance and In-vehicle Computing applications.  


  • Workstation-grade Platform : 10-core 10th Gen Intel Xeon/Core i9/i7/i5/i3 Processor (CML-S) running with Intel W480E chipset, supports max 95W TDP CPU
  • Supports up to 250W NVIDIA or AMD Graphics card
  • Support NVIDIA GeForce/Tesla/Quadro  graphics card delivers leading AI computing productivity by advanced NVIDIA CUDA cores.  GeForce GTX-1650 is intergarded.
  • 12V to 50V wide range DC Power Input with 80V Surge Protection
  • Expansion : 1 PCIe, 1 M.2 Key B, 1 M.2 Key E, 2 Mini PCIe
  • Storage : 2 2.5" SSD Tray, 1 Micro SD Card, 1 M.2 Key M, 2 SATA III
  • Multiple VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort display interfaces support max 7 independent displays, up to 8K Resolution
  • 6-port USB 3.2 support up to 10Gbps data transfer
  • 16 GPIO, 4 COM RS-232/422/485
  • 3 External Nano SIM Sockets for 5G/WiFi 6/4G/3G/LTE/GPRS/UMTS
  • Supports Configurable Software Ignition Power Control and TPM 2.0
  • Optimized user-friendly design for easier system maintenance
  • Optional VHub One-Stop AIoT Solution Service supports OpenVINO based AI accelerator and advanced Edge AI applications

Note:  Difference between models:

LG-P2010F  2 SSD trays, 2 GigE LAN

LG-P2020F  2 SSD trays , 6 GigE LAN, 4 POE+

LG-P2030F  4 SSD trays, 2 GigE LAN

LG-P2040F  4 SSD trays, 6 GIgE LAN, 4 POE+


Feature Highlights

Competitve Productivity

  • Workstation-grade platform : 10-core 10th Gen Intel Xeon/Core i9/i7/i5/i3 processor running with Intel W480E chipset (CML-S), max 95W TDP CPU supported
  • Max 45% CPU performance improved and 87% graphics performance enhanced than the former Intel Coffee Lake platform   
  • Supports DirectX 12.0, OpenGL 4.5, and OpenCL 2.1, up to 2560 CUDA Core computing, max 8K resolution
  • High-speed data transfer : USB 3.2 (10G), 10GigE LAN (10G), 10G SFP+ (10G), PCIe 3.0 (8GT/s), SATA III (6G), 2.5GigE LAN (2.5G), GigE LAN (1G) 

Compact Integration

  • 2 GigE LAN upgradable 6 Independent GigE LAN with 4 IEEE 802.3at PoE+ (25.5W/48V) (Model LG-P2020F)
  • Storage : Max 4 2.5 SSD/HDD trays, SD, M.2 Key M (LG-P2030F)
  • Wide range power input with Smart Power Protection features
  • User-friendly designs : SIM/SD Socket Cover, Front-access SSD/HDD Tray, Software Ignition Power Control
  • Smart Manageability : iAMT 14.0, TPM 2.0, PXE, Wake on LAN, Remote Power Switch
  • Optional supports OpenVINO tool kits for AI Computing

Optimized Operation

  • Power Budget : Max 250W for independent graphics card
  • Multiple 5G/WiFi 6/4G/3G/LTE/GPRS/UMTS for non-stop wireless data transfer
  • Lockable SSD/HDD trays, RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 Data Protection
  • System Power : 12V to 50V wide range DC-in with 80V Surge Protection
  • Ignition Power Control for in-vehicle applications
  • Anti-shock, Anti-vibration
  • EN50155, EN50121-3-2 

Flexible Configurations

  • Levels of Independent Graphics Card for Server-grade/ Workstation-grade/ Consumer-oriented AI Computing : NVIDIA Tesla T4/ NVIDIA Quadro P2200/ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070/2060/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660/1650/1050
  • Versatile product configuration for project requirements
  • Multiple SIM sockets for 5G/WiFi/4G/3G/LTE/GPRS/UMTS wireless connection
  • Expansion : PCIe slot, M.2 Key B, M.2 Key E, Mini PCIe