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car pcmini pc, cube pc

mini pc, small pc

Mini PC solution

 fanless pc, fanless computer

 car pc, car computer

 fanless pc, fanless computer

 smallest pc, smallest computer





 waterproof fanless computer

  Mini PC

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 mini pc, car computer

 small pc, mini pc

 Core 2 Duo mini pc, mini computers

 Mini PC

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 mini pc

fanless pc computer
fanless computer









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Mini PC, Small PC, Car PC, Fanless PC computers

 Fanless PC w/PCI &  PCIe  slots

 Wide Temp Fanless HOT Swap i7/i5 

4th GEN, i7/i5 mini PC

3VGAs, 3COM, 2 LAN

Small embedded pc  
Newest Smallest G3 Fanless PC, G3 6USB 3.0 opts 4LANs/2COM/dual display

Newest Smallest i7/i5 G3 Smallest PC, 16GB memory,

 6 USB LG-P675


Newest Smallest i7/i5 G3 Mini PC PCIe x4, x1 with 16GB memory, 6 USB

Newest Smallest Fanless LG-P700F i7/i5 3-8 LAN/4COM/DVI+VGA/HDMI, 6-36V, 6 USB, Hot Swap, Wide Temp -25C to 70C Operation Temperature

Options for PCI and PCIe slot.

Newest Fanless computer LG-P160FE2 i7/i5 G3 2x PCIe x4 or 2 PCI slots or 1x PCI+ 1PCIe slots 6COM/6USB  9V~30V
Newest Fanless LG-P170 G3 2x PCIe x8/x16, & 2x PCI slots 



Smallest pc

  small pc, mini pc MINI PC



4"(W) x 5.79"(D) x 2"(H)

Smallest Fanless PC


1 PCI slot or 1 PCI-EX x1 mini PC series


Smallest Car computer auto on/off ingition

auto on/off by ignition

Intel i7/i5   In-Vehicle Computer

Car computer auto on/off ingition, GSM/GPRS and GPS option

Intel CORE DUO  Fan-less In-Vehicle Computer



LOGISYS is a leading manafacturer of mini small portable rugged computer,  fanless pc computer and Car computer with customized configuration of  multi- LAN, multi-serial ports, Wifi, bluetooth, and many of PCIe and PCI slots.  The small form factor  computers are well functions as regular desktop pc  and perfectly designed in the smallest packages with low power consumption to meet your various application as Digital Security & Surveillance,  Digital Signage, Gaming, Industrial Automation/Control,  Medical, Retail (POS/Kiosk/ATM),  Networking/Storage Server/Mail Server/Print server, Thin Client,  HTPC

small pc, mini pc

Fanless PC with 4G/GPS

Intel 4th Gen. 3VGA, 3COM

LG-PQ870, PQ850  

Fanless pc Power on Ethernet

LG-P771FH, LG-P772FE

FANLESS Wide Temp System


 G3 Smallest fanless PC LG-P675F

FANLESS Wide Temp with PCI & PCIe slot

LG-P701FH, LG-P702FE

Fanless PC Multi-LAN

 Smallest pc w/PCI slot


Wireless + bluetooth PC



4 Channels DVR PC

up to 8 USB ports PC

LG-P645F fanless pc Core 2 Duo PC/1066FSB/2.4GHZ   wireless, 2LAN/3LAN/DVR

LG-P645 mini pc Core 2 Duo PC/1066FSB/2.8GHZ   wireless, 2LAN/3LAN/DVR
LG-P645H smallest pc PCI Core 2 Duo/2.8GHZ/1066FSB
M645C car pc  smallest Core 2 Duo/2.8GHZ/1066FSB, 2LAN/3LAN/DVR/wifi
M645FC fanless car pc  Core 2 Duo/2.8GHZ/1066FSB, 2LAN/3LAN/DVR/wifi
LG-P140FH  Core2Dou fanless PC computer  w/1PCI slot, 4Com/2LAN/2 display

LG-P140FH2  Core2Dou fanless PC computer  w/2PCI slots . 4Com/2LAN/2 display

LG-P625F Pentium M ultra mini Fanless PC with options.

LG-P625 Pentium M 4LAN/ PCMCIA/4COM/dual display

LG-P625H Pentium M smallest pc with PCI slot.

 M345C car pc  smallest Core 2 Duo/2.53GHZ/1066FSB, 2LAN/3LAN/wifi